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Professionelles Design in Print und Web

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Jeder Mensch mit einer neuen Idee ist ein Spinner,

bis die Idee Erfolg hat.

Mark Twain

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Transparenter Workflow

Klare Kommunikation

Kosteneffizienter Service

... ohne Medien-Kokolores

Graphic Design

Corporate, print or web design: combining a transparent workflow with active communication is the top priority, and makes a high quality product possible.


Typography and layout make the big difference in every successful print product. Which font? How many cuts? Where to place the images? Which images? Details that often decide if an idea appeals or if a product is sold.


After designing over 60 books one’s profession becomes more of a passion. Every aspect of production is explored. This is why my handcrafted books are developed so that they last for a lifetime, and customized in every detail, paper and binding.


Effective procedure is also ensured by an optimal utilization of applied software. Even after a multitude of different kinds of projects, and over 11 years of experience as a designer with constant training, new trends are always in focus.

In case you need help with a project, contact me. I will be in touch with you shortly.


Jens Freiling

Especially when it’s urgent, you can count on Spiridon. He has proven multiple times that even short deadlines are no problem for him. The Team of TUTORize is very grateful!

Jens FreilingCTOTUTORize
Michael Konrath

You can always count on Spiridon!

Michael KonrathCEOforty-four Multimedia
Tom Moog

I have known Spiridon for many years as a designer. What fascinates me the most is that he isn’t only talented and reliable, he is also very fast. Much appreciated!

Tom MoogCEOTOM MOOG Marken-Beratung
Pantelis Katsoukis

We had the challenge of creating a new Corporate Design for our new company Remerge, in order to find investors for the enterprise, and introduce our product. The collaboration with Spiridon has always been professional, fast and simple. We were able to creep up to the final version iteratively, and were very happy with the result. And so were our investors. This made it possible to make 700.000 Euros in a very short period.

Pantelis KatsoukisCEO & FounderRemerge